Frequently Asked Question

Frequently Asked Question

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Q : What are the documents that I need to bring on admission?
A : The following documents are required for all admission into SMC:-

  • your identity card

  • insurance card or guarantee letter from your insurance company / employer

  • letter of admission from your doctor / consultant specialist

  • if you are a cash paying patient, please bring along the required deposit as informed or your credit card where necessary

Q : Why are you collecting a deposit before any treatment is done?
A : We try as best as possible to provide an accurate information but due to the nature of the fluctuations in the current medical charges, it is sometimes difficult to do so. As a routine practice, we request for insurance card or a guarantee letter from the insurer in the absence of one as there are some procedures and services once fully covered by insurance may now be partially or conditionally covered or not covered at all.

Our initial request for payment deposit includes deductibles or any co-insurance charges. It is also used to pay for the actual hospital bill. Common hospital charges are accommodation, laboratory tests, diagnostic services, use of the operating theatre, equipment usage, medicines or nursing services. This practice can also help patients to understand their financial obligation to pay for health services, even in advance.
Q : I am a single woman, have no plans to enter motherhood in the short future but would like to use your services as I stay nearby. Can I do so?
A : Absolutely can. Besides providing medical care and services for expectant mothers and children, our obstetrics and gynaecology services cater for all women irregardless of age group, ancestry, background or religious practices. A pap smear test for instance is advisable for all women who have started active sexual life or above the age of 26 years. SMC is fully equipped to provide complete specialist medical care for women and their health problems relating to gynaecology and maternity. Talk to us today.
Q : Delivery date can fluctuates. Can I I book the room of my choice in advance?
A : You can. Room charges will start from the day of booking.
Q : What do I need to do before I come for any medical check-up or inquiry?
A : To ensure that you do not have to wait in vain in case of a waiting crowd or the consultant concerned is unavailable, we would suggest that you make an appointment in advance by calling us at 03-4041 6962 or e-mail us at medicalcentre@sentulmedical.com.my. It can minimize delays and inconvenience. We do however accept walk-in patients which shall be attended to on a first come first serve basis.
Q : You are quite small in operations compared to others.
A : We may be relatively smaller in size but we do not shortchange or are inferior giver in our services and facilities to care for you as you deserve. We believe that our experience of almost three decades in this field of medicine is the reflections that we are small enough to care but big enough to serve.
Q : I am a non-resident (foreigner) staying within the vicinity of Sentul. Can I seek medical treatment at your centre? What do I need to bring along?
A : You need to furnish some basic personal information - your name (as shown in your passport), your present address, any brief note or records on your medical problem (if any) and the preferred date of the appointment. You may call us to schedule for an appointment or fill up the enquiry form online.
Q : What happens after my delivery? Do you have paediatric care or nursing services?
A : In anticipation of your delivery, it is recommended that you talk to your obstetrician or consulting doctor on the selection of a paediatrician before you deliver. SMC does have consulting paeditricians to care for your baby immediately after delivery.
Q : How can patients or guests give feedback?
A : We always welcome feedback from our patients, visitors or the general public. Your feedback is appreciated as they would help us tremendously in recognizing our shortcomings and strengths in our continuous efforts to improve our service to you.

Feedback can be channeled through:-

  • E-mail to sentulmedical@live.com

  • Call 03 - 4041 6962 and speak to our administrator

  • Leave a comment with the reception desk, warden or any of the support staff upon
    your discharge from the hospital

  • Write to us at Sentul Medical Centre, 631 Jalan Sentul, 51000 Kuala Lumpur.

  • Talk directly to our doctors, nurses or support staff