Our Mission & Value


Our mission is to provide excellent medical services to both Malaysians and foreign residents here. We hold by the commitment to treat our patients and their families with kindness, empathy and respect.

Our team of specialists, visiting doctors, administrators and staff support each other through teamwork and compassion so that quality medical care can be delivered effectively. We want health delivered with integrity.Vision & Mission

We embrace advance technologies and facilities without compromising on the services rendered as we understand very well that the 'human touch' is what makes us different and the preferred choice of our patients.

We encourage teamwork and social participation in activities related to the improvement of heath knowledge as our contribution in helping to educate and promote a healthy and productive community.

Sentul Medical Centre practices the core values of patient-oriented services, continuous improvement and resources conscious as guiding principles in achieving our missions. We put particular emphasis in professional ethics – the patients are our clients and it is our responsibility to protect their benefits, well-being and privacy whilst under our care.

At Sentul Medical Centre, we respect the life, dignity and rights of all patients; uninfluenced by their social status, culture, politics, religious beliefs or nationality because we are MORE THAN JUST MEDICINE.