Sentul Medical Centre was founded by Dato' Dr Apla Naidu DSPN, MBBS (UM) FRCOG (UK) FICS Wisma Indiraon 15 May 1983.

From its' humble beginnings of 10 beds for mainly obstetrics and gynaecology patients to the current 30 beds which also include daycare beds. Sentul Medical Centre has certainly come a long way in making its' mark on the local medical scene. We are now catering for non obstetrics and gynaecology patients as well.

Being a private medical centre is often misunderstood as being elusive and claims of over-charging. We are proud to give the assurance that our pricing are comparable and competitive to those set out by the regulatory bodies, if not lower compared to other private hospitals in the Klang Valley. Our care philosophy of "Healing You Physically, Caring You Financially” runs through every service that we offer.

Our long-standing commitment stems from the efforts of doctors, nurses and support staff who have contributed to the development and realization of SMC through the years.


SMC has been providing quality healthcare especially in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology since 1983. We have become a landmark for Healthcare Services in Sentul and its surrounding areas since. Aside from our core medical practice andspecialtywe have since expanded to cover other areas like Abdominal Surgery, Specialist medical care, Paediatric services and Laboratory Services.


You can put your health in our hands. At Sentul Medical Centre our specialists, nurses and support staff arecommittedto provide you and your family with the best Medical Care. We celebrate life by enhancing health.


Starting a family is probably one of the most memorable experiences in once life. But rising medical costs in O&G is a grave concern too. We will strive to provide the highest quality healthcare in a cost-efficient manner in ensuring that healthcare is affordable without compromise to services.